That line haunts me. It comes from the song is “Transform.” Isabella Bunny Bennett, from the band Steam Powered Giraffe, wrote it about her trans experience.

That line strikes a chord with my heart.

“Am I naive for wanting something better.”

What Bunny does so well in this song is to send a message that we can understand. I feel this way as a queer person.

I remember what it was like before I came out. I never thought I could live my life as a non-binary person. It was just a dream for a while. I didn’t think people would understand or accept me that way.

Then one day, I attended a Gaymer convention. I thought this is my chance to try. So, yeah, I went to a meetup for non-binary people. It was at the convention. It was the first time I met people like me. I was so nervous. I don’t think that I came across the way that I wanted. But it is okay. What is most important was that after that experience that I wanted to be out so badly.

A small taste of freedom was all it took.

I’ve even started using my preferred name Suzza at work and in other places. It feels really good.